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JRFC will be holding another Members' Evening this Friday evening, April 13th, in the Pavilion, from 6 to 7pm.

Once again there'll be the chance to have a drink with fellow supporters ahead of a big 1st XV league game, this time the visit of Macclesfield on Saturday. Club manager Sean will have some nibbles on the go and the weekend's supply of Liberation Ale will be tapped. We are also hopeful some of those members of the 1st XV squad who are not in action this Saturday may be able to join us.

Secondly, Coventry RFC have asked us to remind anyone travelling to the game on April 21st that there's a pre-match lunch offer at the price of £30, to include ground admission (which costs £13). It's a three-course affair starting at 1pm. They have plenty of capacity, but bookings and payment must be made in advance. The person to contact is Joanne Davies on 02476 231001 or email jdavies AT We suggest you contact Jo this week, or by Monday AM at the latest. There will also be a drag charity match in aid of Help for Heroes at 2pm that day, the 'main event' at 3pm and a rugby league game at 6pm.

Finally, as well as wishing the 1st XV all the best in the final stretch of the season, we'd like to do the same to all Academy players, coaches and supporters travelling over to Guernsey for this weekend's Junior Siam games.


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