Jersey Youth Award


Aurigny Junior Team Award Winners

Thank you to award sponsors Sportingbet. Thank you to the media who without, there would be no wider record of  team success.

First and foremost I would like to congratulate all our squad members, the team themselves - motivated, enthusiastic, prepared to work hard for each other, performing to a high level. A team who work well together, who clearly enjoy each other's company and have a strong sense of fun. They have earned the award through hard work and determination and should rightly be proud of themselves.

Rugby Club Youth Team:
Jersey Youth Team (the Colts) 42 registered players this year who turn out for training rain or shine twice a week throughout the season. This in itself is some achievement due to the competing demands of school (most are currently studying for exams)
A team confident of their ability & performance, proud of their club and the 1st first team. (a team they all want to play in).
Currently Hampshire League Leaders (This year we are the team to beat).
We have a number in our Youth team who have gone through the Academy from the age of seven and have developed an outstanding technical ability.
However our team is not just about ability, it's about attitude. Our latest signing has only been with us and playing rugby a matter of weeks, what he lacks in ability he makes up for in enthusiasm and a desire to learn.
A team that is inclusive. To their credit our coaching team were firm on the concept that if you put in the training you got a league game. Already this season everyone who wanted a game has had a game (and we are still league leaders)
Four of the team are representing the Island at County level. Charlie Hubert,  Luke Huelin, James Voss & Chris Levesley selected for the U18 Hampshire squad. Chris has also been selected for London & South-East Divisional trials.
U17's have Hampshire County trials soon. (12th February)
Six who train alongside or play for the 1st team. A huge achievement for any young player to aspire to and an indication of the fantastic opportunities available to all of our Academy players.

Not just about the game but about giving something back.
Five of the team turn up on a Sunday morning to coach with academy volunteers, passing on their rugby skills to the younger age groups
Four of the team have gained a refereeing qualification to help other teams get a game.
A team who collectively give up their free time to work with our sponsors Bedell to raise money for our chosen charity 'Brighter Futures' Working with Bedell allows us to equate the concept of team with the concept of community where winning is defined by making a difference to the lives of others.

Like everyone else that were nominated for  an award the Youth Team had a lot of help along the way. The team on the pitch are suported by a much larger team. Those who guide and support us within the Club & the Academy

The respective Chairmen, Bill Dempsey (Jersey Rugby Club) & Kevin Lemansey (Rugby Club Academy) two of the many who have a passion for helping and guiding others. I know neither Bill nor Kevin count the hours, and the effort they dedicate to the promotion of Island rugby and support of all our teams. They perfectly exemplify what the spirit of rugby is all about.

The Coaching Team - Our team have access to top quality coaching. Club Lead Coach Ben Harvey (winner of the coach of the year). Youth Team Coaches led by Ash Elphinston, Graham Howgate, Donovan Saunders, James Copesey, teaching important lessons in attitude and technique - not only about the game. They ensure that striving for success becomes a common character trait and hopefully something our young players take with them on the journey through life. Not only great coaches but great role models and great ambassadors for the game.

All the others who contribute and support our team. Particularly Chris Fuller in his second season as team manager and does a huge amount of work to ensure the team runs smoothly. Marcus Cochrane who does so much to ensure all the age groups reach their potential at County level. Jane Baines who tirelessly scrutinises the team budgets in order to maximise trips to play against other teams and all the others who help out in so many ways and perfectly exemplify what the spirit of rugby is about.

Obviously the award the Youth Team were presented with is part of a much bigger picture. The future ripple effect of the Youth Team success serves as another challenge for those either moving into the team next year and indeed to all the Academy age groups. Something else for them to aspire to and want to emulate.  The foundation of any good team is one, which inspires and encourages others to succeed.

There are so many people who made this possible. Thank you to all of them.

Alan Williamson

Brighter Futures
The objectives of the charity remain the foundation upon which all work and developments are based:
To give children, families and young people in Jersey the opportunity to be safe, healthy, happy and aspirational
To support children, families and young people in Jersey to engage in life changing opportunities, especially in times of difficulties and challenge
To fundraise in order to develop the opportunities and resources available to those accessing support from Brighter Futures







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