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If you would like to register a child please follow this link to the Individual Player Membership - /minisjuniors/about/membership/individual-membership.aspx or see the membership page of this site for our Family Membership option.

U8 - Lead Coach
Roger Nightingale - rjcn1896@gmail.com  07700 734564

U8 - Manager
Jambo Wiseman - jambo@wiseman.me.uk 07797 849562

Assistant Lead Coach: Jim Brownrigg

Assistant Manager: Lisa Mann

Coaches (2017/18 Season): Dan O'Connor, Kate Wright, Tom Powell, Ed Bellew, Breege Pountney, Dave Barron, Michelle Vaughan, Matthew Thompson, Craig Dempster, Steve Raine, Stewart Campbell-Coombs, James Harrison.

New coaches always welcome so please come and speak to one of the team if you are interested. All coaches have to be members for insurance and safeguarding purposes - kit  will be supplied and coaching courses will be available during the early part of the season.

To start in September 2017 you need to be 7 before the 31 August 2017 - ie going in to Year 3 at school (no exceptions will be made).

We look forward to welcoming new members to the Jersey Reds Minis & Juniors.

For all Membership Enquiries please contact the Membership Secretary at  jrfcamemberships@hotmail.co.uk

Latest News

 19/11/17:- The trip to France (Take Three!!) will take place on the 2nd December, the opposition will be St Pere - please contact Jambo for further info.

CHEETAHS (YELLOW) 4 3 1 0 19 16 7
FOXES (DARK GREEN) 4 2 1 1 20 14 5
TIGERS (ORANGE) 4 2 1 1 18 16 5
DRAGONS (WINE RED) 4 1 3 0 17 16 5
BULLS (PURPLE) 3 1 1 1 15 15 3
DOLPHINS (DARK BLUE) 3 0 3 0 14 14 3
SHARKS (DARK BLUE) 4 1 0 3 16 16 2
ALL BLACKS (BLACK) 4 0 0 4 11 21 0



Foxes in Dark Green Bibs (Coaches Breege Pountney and Steve Raine):- Harry Gibb, Luke Samsom, Rory Thompson, Theo De Poerck, Thomas Wright, Zac Dempster.

Dragons in Wine Red Bibs (Coach Ed Bellew):- Alex Cleave, Douglas Brownrigg, Fox Targett, Kitty Walker, Max Le Vesconte, Tom Pallot.

Dolphins in Light Blue Bibs (Coach Dave Barron and Michelle Vaughan):- Liam Clarke, Archie Harrison, Bertie MacClean, Floris Fopma, Leon Kilela, Lucas McAllister.

Cheetahs in Yellow Bibs (Coach Dan O'Connor):- Anneliese Morgan-Pasquali, Jay Harrison, Lucas Le Cornu, Luke Bosio, Rory McLauchlan, Theo Le Fevre.

Tigers in Orange Bibs (Coach Matt Thompson):- Edward Worthy, Ellie Swanwick, Max Gibb, Ryan Allen-Le Bas, William Smith, Zane Simpson.

Sharks in Dark Blue Bibs (Coach Kate Wright and James Harrison):- Deacon Everett, Eoin Mann, Florence Allo, Jack Poutney, Liam Spry, Robbie Milner.

Bulls In Purple Bibs (Coach Craig Dempster and Tom Powell):- Alice Williams, Felix Holvey-Clark, Harry Bellew, Olin Rogers, Patrick Brewer, Rex Kenyon.

All Blacks in Black Bibs (Coach James Brownrigg and Stewart Campbell-Combs):- Noah Cartant, Alexander Hendy, Brendan Piradeepen, Edward Hedgecock, Emile Fox, Felix O'Connor, William Coleshill.

Other Squads will be created as required. Results 24/9 :- Cheetahs 5-4 Foxes, Dragons 4-3 All Blacks, Tigers 3-2 Sharks and Bulls 6-6 Dolphins.

Results 05/11:- Sharks 4-5 Cheetahs, All Blacks 1-6 Foxes, Tigers 5-6 Bulls, Dolphins 3-3 Dragons



General information

PLEASE regularly check our webpage, this will be the primary means of communicating with parents or carers & will detail our training and travel schedule.


The U8s train on Pitch 2 on Sunday mornings, with registration starting at 8:30am and finishing at approximately 10am. Please ensure your child signs in with the manager at 8.45am for a prompt 9am start to the session.

Parking is available on Pitch 3, please park tidily and considerately and do not park in Jersey Bowl car park! 

Any variations to Sunday training, due to weather, events on the pitch etc. will be posted to the webpage by 8pm on a Saturday evening. 


No hoodies or zips, football/rugby boots (no metal studs) are required for outdoor sessions, trainers for the the beach or Les Ormes sessions.

Although at this age level tag rugby is played, gumshields/mouthguards are required.  For the safety of your child and the other children, a strict no gumshield/mouthguard no play rule will be adhered to.

New JR M&J kit is available to purchase in the M&J kit shop which is located in the container Adjacent to Pitch 4, not from the club shop.  The M&J shop can now also accept card payment as well as cash and cheques.  A boot exchange is available in the M&J shop too. There is also a second hand kit shop on the first Sunday of every month operating from the changing room next to the M&J office facing Pitch 2.

Appropriate clothing to the weather is required, you know your children
better than we do, but if they are cold, they will not enjoy themselves.  Please, please ensure they have plenty of layers and a beany hat; gloves are a bonus too!

Water, water, water and water!


While we have a team of coaches on the pitch looking after your children,
we are not responsible for your children!  Accidents do occasionally happen and therefore it is essential that a parent/carer is present pitchside, if you will be somewhere else on club grounds or if another parent is taking responsibility for your child, this is fine but please let the mnager know at the beginning of the session and leave a mobile contact number with her. 


While we are lucky enough to be based at the JRFC, coffee, and bacon rolls will be available after training.

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The club shop
opening times are:

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
each week from 10am to 2pm.
MATCHDAY afternoons from 1pm to 5pm.

To have a look at some of the merchandise available to purchase, please click here.

For all other shop enquiries, please call 01534 746012 or email enquiries@jrfc.je

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