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If you would like to register a child please follow this link to the Individual Player Membership - /minisjuniors/about/membership/individual-membership.aspx or see the membership page of this site for our Family Membership option.

U16 - Lead Coach
Steve De Ste Croix - s.destecroix@hotmail.com

U16 - Manager
Stuart Dixon-Smith - Stuart.jerseyrugbytm@gmail.com    07797 734621

Coaches: To be confirmed


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Team discipline is a crucial factor to the overall success of any team endeavour.  Not only do disciplined teams perform well on the field, but if teams are able to maintain good discipline both on and off the field, the overall rugby experience is far more positive for all involved. Everybody takes responsibility for what happens - the team wins and loses together.

Parents and supporters: You involement is very welcome and can help our boys to raise their performance.  However please remember to applaud all good play by either side and please don't forget that nobody makes mistakes deliberately.  

Referees do the job for the love of the game and they like your boys may make mistakes - please do not shout at them.  It is the Captain's responsibility to speak constructively to the Referee.

  Let's all work together to keep the spirit of rugby alive and well.


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