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Checklist for A Home Fixture

When receiving an enquiry for a fixture in Jersey, the first port of call is Madeleine Lee, madeleine.lee@sc.com (Fixtures Secretary) who will contact the relevant Age Group Manager to advise of the visit/enquiry and the Chairman, Neil Pinel, mandj-chairman@jerseyreds.je

Once confirmed, the fixture details are entered on the JRFC M&J google calendar, the Age Group Manager takes charge of the fixture and books the pitch/es with Myles Landick, food with Sean Dunne, sean.dunne@jrfc.je (using the form linked from the 'Manager's section on the website, each visiting side is entitled to one light lunch/meal after the game) and informs Kate Innes.

Please book a 1st Aider with Di Fitzjohn, difitzjohn@gmail.com, and a referee (if required) from David Drage, isitb@hotmail.com 07797 721580, 722643.

Keep the communication going with the visitor's organiser. Once in Jersey, encourage the home players and spectators to welcome the visitors and join them in the clubhouse afterwards. 

The value of building relationships with other rugby clubs cannot be over emphasised! Please send the match report, one good photograph and score to Caroline Harrington, caroline.harrington1@gmail.com (Press Officer), who will organise any media coverage and who will enter the details on the website.

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