Other Fixtures & Results (2012-13)

Date Games Venue KO Notes
Sat Aug 11 Jersey 21-34 Leicester Tigers (F) SP1 4.00
Sat Aug 18 1st XV in France (Thur to Sun) Away
Sat Aug 25 JRA Select 44-3 Guernsey 1st (G) SP4 11.45
Sat Aug 25 Jersey 21-11 Loughborough Students (F) SP1 3.00
Sat Sep 1 Jersey 6-20 Cornish Pirates (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Sep 1 Staines 24-42 Guernsey (N) Away 3.00
Sat Sep 1 Jersey Youth 34-24 St Benedict's (F) SP4 11.00 *C
Sun Sep 2 Jersey Athletic (lost heavily to) Rennes (F) SP 1.30
Fri Sep 7 Leeds Carnegie 32-19 Jersey (C) Away 8.00
Sat Sep 8 Guernsey 6-11 Dorking (N) FL 2.00
Sat Sep 8 Jersey Athletic 50-12 Banks (DT Final 2011/12) SP 3.00
Sat Sep 8 Guernsey II 5-41 LQ Lydian Lions (J) RC TBA
Sat Sep 15 Jersey 12-31 Moseley (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Sep 15 CS Rugby 48-49 Guernsey (N) Away 2.30
Sat Sep 15 Banks 54-12 St Jacques (J) Gr 11.30
Sun Sep 16 Jersey Athletic 38-12 LQ Lydian Lions (J) SP4 3.00
Sun Sep 16 Banks Ladies v Harlequins (L) - (Postponed) Gr TBA
Sat Sep 22 Rotherham Titans 54-31 Jersey (C) Away 3.00
Sat Sep 22 Tring 23-36 Guernsey (N) Away 2.30
Sat Sep 22 St Jacques 5-8 Jersey Athletic (J) KGV TBA
Sat Sep 22 Wanderers 0-48 Banks (J) SP4 3.00
Sun Sep 23 HMP Lay Moye v Beeches (F) - (Postponed) SP4 3.00
Sun Sep 23 New Ash Green 22-7 Banks Ladies (L) Away TBA
Sat Sep 29 Jersey 19-29 Bedford (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Sep 29 Guernsey 12-19 Barnes (N) FL 2.30
Sat Sep 29 Banks v Guernsey II (J) - (Postponed) Gr 11.30
Sun Sep 30 Portsmouth 5-37 Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sun Sep 30 Beeches 7-81 LQ Lydian Lions (J) SP5 2.00
Sat Oct 6 Tonbridge 57-5 Guernsey (N) Away 2.30
Sat Oct 6 Vets Super 10's - Group Games SP 12.00
Sun Oct 7 Nottingham Rugby 48-16 Jersey (C) Away 3.00
Sun Oct 7 Vets Super 10's - Semi Finals & Finals SP 10.30
Sun Oct 7 Banks Ladies 3-24 Ashford (L) Gr TBA
Sat Oct 13 Jersey 20-20 Pontypridd (B) SP1 3.00
Sat Oct 13 Guernsey 0-59 Bishop Stortford (N) FL 3.00
Sat Oct 13 LQ Lydian Lions 66-13 St Jacques (J) & Hants R1 LQ 11.00
Sat Oct 13 Banks 10-58 Jersey Athletic (J) Gr 11.30
Sat Oct 20 Gravesend 33-20 Guernsey (N) Away 3.00
Sat Oct 20 Jersey Athletic 36-10 Wimbledon (F) SP 2.00 *K
Sat Oct 20 Burrell Barbarians (F) SP 3.00
Sat Oct 20 LQ Lydian Lions 43-3 Banks (J) LQ 12.00
Sun Oct 21 Leeds Carnegie 27-33 Jersey (B) at York Away 3.00
Sun Oct 21 Teddington 36-0 Banks Ladies (L) Away TBA
Sat Oct 27 Jersey 20-17 London Scottish (C) SP1 2.00
Sat Oct 27 Guernsey 19-13 Westcliff (N) FL 2.30
Sat Oct 27 Jersey Athletic 123-5 Guernsey II (J) SP4 11.00 *C
Sat Oct 27 Beeches 54-22 Wanderers (J) LQ 11.00
Sun Oct 28 Banks Ladies 14-15 Guildford (L) Gr TBA
Sat Nov 3 Jersey 16-14 Plymouth (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Nov 3 Thurrock 12-33 Guernsey (N) Away 2.30
Sat Nov 3 Jersey Athletic v St Jacques (J) (Postponed) SP4 11.00 *C
Sat Nov 3 Banks 33-14 Beeches (J) Gr 11.30
Sun Nov 4 LQ Lydian Lions 86-0 HMP La Moye (F) -TBC LQ 11.30
Sun Nov 4 Winchester v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sat Nov 10 Jersey Athletic v Richmond Vikings (F) - Conf SP 2.00 *K
Sat Nov 10 Beeches v Guernsey Dev (F) - TBC LQ 12.00
Sun Nov 11 Bristol 39-16 Jersey (C) Away 3.00
Sun Nov 11 Bracknell v Banks Ladies (L) Away TBA
Sat Nov 17 Guernsey 19-18 Old Elthamians (N) FL 2.15
Sat Nov 17 Guernsey II 82-0 Wanderers (J) RC TBA
Sat Nov 17 Jersey Athletic v Beeches (J) SP4 2.00
Sat Nov 17 Hamps QF - LQ or SJ v Banks TBA TBA
Sun Nov 18 Championship v NZ Maoris Away TBA
Sat Nov 24 Jersey 3-24 Newcastle Falcons (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Nov 24 Hertford 15-18 Guernsey (N) Away 2.15
Sat Nov 24 LQ Lydian Lions v Guernsey II (J) LQ 11.30
Sat Nov 24 Banks Vets v HMP La Moye (F) -TBC Gr 11.30
Sun Nov 25 Jersey Athletic v Wanderers (J) (Postponed) SP4 2.00
Sun Nov 25 Banks Ladies 45-10 Tonbridge (L) Gr TBA
Sun Nov 25 Petersfield v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Fri Nov 30 Doncaster Knights 22-17 Jersey (C) Away 7.45
Sat Dec 1 St Jacques v Banks (J) KGV TBA
Sat Dec 1 Wanderers v LQ Lydian Lions (J) SP4 2.00
Sat Dec 1 Beeches v St Helier (F) -TBC LQ 2.00
Sat Dec 8 Jersey 12-16 Leinster 'A (B) SP1 3.00
Sat Dec 8 Guernsey 9-30 Westcombe Park (N) FL 2.00
Sat Dec 8 Beeches 34-17 St Jacques (J) LQ 11.30
Sat Dec 8 Jerry King Memorial (TBC) Gr TBA
Sun Dec 9 Banks Ladies v New Ash Green (L) Gr TBA
Sat Dec 15 Dorking 50-23 Guernsey (N) Away 2.00
Sat Dec 15 LQ Under's v Over's (TBC) LQ TBA
Sun Dec 16 Leinster 'A' 44-13 Jersey (B) Away 2.30
Sun Dec 16 Trojans v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sat Dec 22 Jersey v Leeds Carnegie (C) SP1 3.00
Wed Dec 26 Under 25s v Over 25s (Boxing Day game) SP 11.30
Sat Jan 5 Moseley v Jersey (C) Away 3.00
Sat Jan 5 Guernsey v CS Rugby (N) FL 2.15
Sun Jan 6 Havant v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sat Jan 12 Jersey v Leeds Carnegie (B) SP1 3.00
Sat Jan 12 Guernsey v Tring (N) FL 2.30
Sat Jan 19 Pontypridd v Jersey (B) Away 2.00
Sat Jan 19 Barnes v Guernsey (N) Away 2.00
Sat Jan 19 St Jacques v LQ Lydian Lions (J) KGV TBA
Sat Jan 19 Jersey Athletic v Banks (J) SP4 2.00
Sun Jan 20 Ashford v Banks Ladies (L) Away TBA
Sat Jan 26 Jersey v Rotherham (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Jan 26 Guernsey v Tonbridge (N) FL 2.15
Sat Jan 26 Wanderers v Guernsey II (J) SP4 11.00 *C
Sat Jan 26 Beeches v Jersey Athletic (J) LQ 11.30
Sun Jan 27 Trojans v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sat Feb 2 Doug Tranter 1st Round (Be, Bk, BV, HMP, LQ, SH, J2, W) SP TBA
Sun Feb 3 Banks Ladies v Teddington (L) Gr TBA
Sat Feb 9 Bedford Blues v Jersey (C) Away 3.00
Sat Feb 9 Bishops Stortford v Guernsey (N) Away 2.30
Sat Feb 9 Jersey Athletic v Blackheath 2's (F) SP 2.00 *K
Sat Feb 9 St Jacques v Beeches (J) KGV TBA
Sat Feb 9 LQ Lydian Lions v Wanderers (J) LQ 2.00
Sat Feb 9 Banks v Guernsey Dev (F) - TBC Gr TBA
Sun Feb 10 Guernsey II v Beeches (J) RC TBA
Sun Feb 10 Guildford v Banks Ladies (L) Away TBA
Sun Feb 10 Havant v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sat Feb 16 Jersey v Nottingham Rugby (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Feb 16 Guernsey v Gravesend (N) FL 2.15
Sat Feb 16 Guernsey II v Jersey Athletic (J) RC TBA
Sat Feb 16 Wanderers v St Jacques (J) SP4 11.00 *C
Sat Feb 16 Beeches v Banks (J) LQ 11.30
Sat Feb 23 Doug Tranter SF SP TBA
Sat Feb 23 Hampshire Cup Semi Final TBA TBA
Sun Feb 24 Banks Ladies v Bracknell (L) Gr TBA
Sat Mar 2 London Scottish v Jersey (C) Away 2.00
Sat Mar 2 Westcliff v Guernsey (N) Away 2.30
Sat Mar 2 Richmond Vikings v Jersey Athletic (F) - Conf Away 11.30
Sat Mar 2 Banks v Wanderers (J) Gr 2.00
Sat Mar 2 LQ Lydian Lions v Guernsey Dev (F) -TBC LQ 2.00
Sun Mar 3 Winchester v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sat Mar 9 Plymouth v Jersey (C) Away 3.00
Sat Mar 9 Guernsey v Thurrock (N) FL 3.00
Sat Mar 9 St Jacques v Guernsey II (J) KGV TBA
Sat Mar 9 LQ Lydian Lions v Jersey Athletic (J) LQ 12.00
Sat Mar 9 Wanderers v Beeches (J) SP4 11.00
Sun Mar 10 Tonbridge v Banks Ladies (L) Away TBA
Sat Mar 16 Inter-Insular FL TBA
Sun Mar 17 HMP La Moye v Wanderers (Gov Ch) - TBC LQ TBA
Sat Mar 23 Jersey v Bristol (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Mar 23 Old Elthamians v Guernsey (N) Away 3.00
Sat Mar 23 Beeches v Guernsey II (J) LQ 11.30
Sat Mar 23 St Jacques v Wanderers (J) KGV TBA
Sat Mar 23 Banks v LQ Lydian Lions (J) Gr 11.30
Sun Mar 24 Harlequins v Banks Ladies (L) Away TBA
Fri Mar 30 Newcastle Falcons v Jersey (C) Away 8.00
Sat Mar 30 Easter
Sat Apr 6 British & Irish Cup QF
Sat Apr 6 Guernsey v Hertford (N) FL 3.00
Sat Apr 6 Guernsey II v Banks (J) RC TBA
Sat Apr 6 LQ Lydian Lions v Beeches (J) LQ TBA
Sat Apr 6 Wanderers v Jersey Athletic (J) SP4 TBA
Sun Apr 7 Petersfield v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sat Apr 13 Jersey v Doncaster (C) SP1 3.00
Sat Apr 13 Westcombe Park v Guernsey (N) Away 3.00
Sun Apr 14 JRA Semi Finals (1st v 4th,2nd v 3rd) SP TBA
Sat Apr 20 Cornish Pirates v Jersey (C) Away 3.00
Sat Apr 20 Guernsey v Staines (N) FL 3.00
Sat Apr 20 Academy Siam SP TBA
Sun Apr 21 Doug Tranter Finals SP TBA
Sun Apr 21 Portsmouth v Jersey Youth (CL) Away TBA
Sat Apr 27 British & Irish Cup SF
Sat Apr 27 JRA Finals - Sugden: SF winners, MacMillan: 5th v 6th SP TBA
Sat May 4 Jersey Wanderers v Guernsey Vets (Nash Cup) SP1 10.30 *K
Sat May 4 Jersey Athletic v Guernsey II (Fallaize Cup) SP1 12.30 *K
Sat May 4 Jersey v Guernsey (Siam Cup) / Championship SF SP1 3.00 *K
Sat May 11 JRA Unity 7's Tournament / Championship SF SP4/5 12.00
Fri May 17 British & Irish Cup SF
Thu May 23 Championship Final
Wed May 29 Championship Final
*C = Changing facilities TBA
*K = Kick off to be confirmed
Games still to be arranged
Guernsey II v St Jacques (J)
Friendlies for HMP, Banks Vets & St Helier (plus anyone else as required)
(B) British & Irish Cup (Jersey 1st XV)
(C) Championship (Jersey 1st XV)
(CL) Colts Hampshire League (Jersey Youth)
(F) Friendly
(J) Jersey Rugby Association League (CI Comp)
(L) Ladies League (Banks)
(N) National 3 London (Guernsey 1st XV)
FL Garenne Stand, Footes Lane (Guernsey RFC)
Gr Grainville playing fields
KGV King George V (St Jacques)
LQ Les Quennevais sports pitch
RC Guernsey Rugby Club, Footes Lane
SP St Peter (Jersey Rugby Club)


17 Dec 2022



Reds aim to be back in league action with a bang

02 Dec 2022

Rivalry between two clubs enters its third decade


Why not come and chillout in the ‘Watering Hole’ before the game? A full-bar and food is available and you can enjoy some live music after the game.