Nash Cup

The Nash Cup is played for annually between the two veteran sides of Jersey RFC and Guernsey RFC as the curtain raiser match on the same day as the Siam Cup.

Traditionally a fiercely contested match, albeit at slower speed than may have once been possible by those on the field of play, the trophy is currently held by Jersey who reclaimed it after a 24-15 win on home turf in May 2019. The 2020 Nash Cup will be played in Guernsey in May 2020.

If you were involved and know the names of earlier captains, then please contact Tom Innes so that we can update the table.

Year Venue Winner Score Jersey Captain
1987 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 6-10  
1988 St Peter Jersey RFC 38-6  
1989 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 0-14  
1990 St Peter Jersey RFC 14-9  
1991 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 9-18  
1992 St Peter Jersey RFC 22-13  
1993 Footes Lane Guernsey RFC 6-5  
1994 St Peter Jersey RFC 16-6  
1995 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 7-16  
1996 St Peter Jersey RFC 15-12  
1997 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 0-5  
1998 St Peter Jersey RFC 18-9 Steve Workman
1999 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 11-25 Martin Ching
2000 St Peter Jersey RFC 34-14 Chris Scott
2001 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 5-22 Bob Shambrook 
2002 St Peter Jersey RFC 28-0 Bob Shambrook
2003 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 15-20 John Creavy
2004 St Peter Jersey RFC 19-7 John Creavy
2005 St Peter Jersey RFC 36-12 Clive 'Jaffa' Russell
2006 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 10-24 Clive 'Jaffa' Russell
2007 St Peter Guernsey RFC 3-42 Jerry Willis
2008 Footes Lane Guernsey RFC 19-6 Radley Montgomery
2009 St Peter Guernsey RFC 8-32 William Church
2010 Footes Lane Guernsey RFC 15-0 Iain Barclay
2011 St Peter Guernsey RFC 17-18 Iain Barclay
2012 Footes Lane Guernsey RFC 10-7 Paul Kempster
2013 St Peter Guernsey RFC 12-18 Paul Kempster
2014 Footes Lane Jersey RFC 24-33 Paul Kempster
2015 St Peter Jersey RFC 12-10 Danny Curzons
2016 Footes Lane Guernsey RFC 33-10 Danny Curzons
2017 St Peter Guernsey RFC 10-19 Rory Steel
2018 Footes Lane Guernsey RFC 17-12 Rory Steel
2019 St Peter Jersey RFC 24-15 Jerry Willis



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