Fixtures & Results (2021-22)


Date Opponent H/A KO Score
Fri 20th Sep COOKE (F) H 7pm 0-47 (L)
Sat 9th Oct Seaford A 12.45pm 10-57 (W)
Sun 24th Oct LEWES II H --P#-- --P#--
Sat 6th Nov Guernsey Raiders (Siam) A 1pm 46-7 (L)
Sun 21st Nov PULBOROUGH H 4.30pm 24-10 (W)
Sun 5th Dec Horsham A 2pm 12-10 (L)
Sun 12th Dec HOVE II H --P^-- --P^--
Sun 9th Jan SEAFORD H --P@-- --P@--
Sat 22nd Jan Lewes II A 1.45pm w/o (W)¬
Sun 6th Feb WORTHING WARRIORS H 4.30pm 51-5 (W)
Sun 20th Feb Pulborough A 1.30pm 5-10 (L)
Sat 5th Mar HORSHAM H 11am 5-0 (W)
Sun 20th Mar Hove II A 1.30pm 0-52 (W)
Sun 27th Mar Worthing Warriors A 2pm 19-14 (L)
Sun 10th Apr LEWES II H --C#-- --C#--
Sat 23rd Apr SEAFORD @ H 11am 45-0 (W)
Sat 30th Apr HOVE II ^ H 2.30pm 61-0 (W)
Sat 14th May GUERNSEY RAIDERS (SIAM) H 12.30pm 40-0 (W)
Sat 21st May Guernsey Raiders (Siam) A 12pm 13-12 (L)

(P) - postponed

(C) - cancelled

(F) - friendly

# - moved from 24th Oct to 10th April, but then cancelled

@ - moved from 9th Jan to 23rd April

^ - postponed in Dec due to travel, new date April 30th

¬ - friendly game staged after hosts couldn't raise a side; result = walkover to Reds

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