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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on 1st September 2014

What age does my child have to be to join?
The youngest age that boys and girls can join the Academy is as 6 year olds.  For the majority this means when they are in Year 2 at school but we welcome those in Year 1 who turn six before the end of December.

What kit do I need to buy for my child?
Kit that is warm and keeps the children dry is essential. Club kit can be purchased from the Academy Shop, situated in the container facing pitch 4, on Sunday mornings.

Where can I get a gum shield for my child?
It is recommended that your child is fitted for a gum shield by your dentist. The Academy uses Jane Bracken (BrackenBarrett) who offers a preferential rate.
We carry a stock of Gum Shields in our Academy Shop.

What insurance cover does the Academy have?
The RFU provides very basic insurance cover for children. We recommend parents consider additional cover. By way of example loss of teeth is not covered under the Club's Insurance. Therefore parents/guardians are advised that it is compulsory for all children over 7 Years (school year 3 and over) to wear a gum shield to help protect teeth and gums.
For all away trips the Academy has travel and health insurance and details of this can be found in the Managers section of this site.

Does the Academy have a Child Protection Policy?
Jersey Rugby Football Club has a child protection policy which has been read and understood by all active adult participants and is available on in the Safeguarding section of this site.
The Club has an appointed Safeguarding Officer (Child Welfare Officer) who is Nicky Le Bihan. (See also the Safeguarding section)

How are players selected for match day teams?
The objective of the Jersey Rugby Football Club Academy selection policy is to pick with single-minded honesty and objectivity, the best players available for the match/es in question.
This process is carried out by the Squad Lead Coach. Consultation may occur, where necessary, with the squad team of coaches. Where a Lead Coach is conflicted by relationship to one or more of the players he must share this role with a suitable non-conflicted member of the management team.
(See also our Club Coaching Manual.)

How much will I have to pay if my child is selected to travel for an away match or tournament?
This will vary according to circumstances however most parents must expect to pay around £80 to £100 per trip. It is important that parents whose children are in the Academy could be asked to pay towards between two and six trips per season depending on squad commitments.
(A very large part of our sponsorship goes to help subsidise the cost of travel, this usually works out at approximately £75 per person per trip.) 

What is the Siam Cup?
The Siam Cup has one of the longest histories in rugby, second only to the Calcutta Cup played between England and Scotland.
The first Siam Cup match was played between young men in the early 1900s who were all past pupils of Guernsey's Elizabeth and Jersey's Victoria Colleges. While working in Siam (now Thailand) five of them discovered that rugby was no longer part of inter-island sports. They put together enough Siam coinage to make the Cup. The King of Siam gave his permission for the coinage to be used this way and authorised his silversmith to create the design. The Cup was donated to the Guernsey Sporting Club in 1920 by Col. C H Forty in order to encourage interest in the game.
Due to the age of the Cup, the English Rugby Union suggested that a replica be made and used for future matches. The original can still be found on display at Twickenham. The replica is awarded to the winning Island senior team after their annual encounter. It also gives its name to the annual end of season tournament played between the Island Clubs at all age levels.

I would like to volunteer to help out at the Academy. Who should I speak to?
Please speak to any member of the Committee, a Lead Coach or a Squad Manager.

Is it possible to buy Replica Kit?
Replica kit can be purchased from the JRFC Club Shop, situated by the clubhouse, on Sunday mornings and on match days.

Does the Academy accept girl players?
The Academy welcomes girl players. We offer Tag rugby for girls at U7 and U8, mixed contact from U9 to U12 inclusive and touch rugby/contact rugby from U9 to U14 inclusive.
Women's rugby is now being played in the Island at St Peters. Ladies and girls from 16 upwards can take part.
Touch Rugby is very popular in the summer as a  mixed game for all ages from 10 upwards.

Where can I park on a Sunday Morning
The JRFC car park fills up very quickly on Sunday mornings. Please remember that the parking area immediately in front of the Jersey Bowl entrance is solely for the use of Jersey Bowl patrons. Pitch 3 has been turned into a dedicated car park and parents should in the first instance drive to the field, park safely and then move to the pitch that their children are playing on. Parking can take place on Pitch 6 by the entrance.
No parking is permitted by the Parish along the sides of the public roads.

What is a Squad Lead Coaches
Each squad has a Lead Coach, who looks after on pitch issues, and a number of assistant coaches. The Head Coach arranges for each coach to have an induction programme and continuous development is provided.

What is a Squad Managers
Each Squad has a designated Manager who looks after all the off pitch responsibilities. The Manager is the first point of contact for parents. If for any reason a parent has to absent themselves from the Club on a Sunday morning they should ensure that the Manager is aware of this and has their contact details.

Visit www.jrfc.je for up-to-date information on the Academy and Club.

How will I know if training has been cancelled?
If training is to be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, an announcement will be placed on the Landing Page of the Website (www./jrfc.je/academy), Managers will email members and the local media will be advised.
If all else fails telephone your squad manager.
The Academy does have a number of Plan B alternatives in place and while the pitches at the Club may be unplayable we do sometime move indoors at Les Ormes or to other pitches such as Les Quennevais or even at times to the local beaches.

Can I join mid season?
The Club has two official intakes each year, September and January.
For boys or girls who want to join outside those times, we defer to the Lead Coach who will interview the interested player to see if he/she will fit in without any problem.

Is everybody welcome?
Of course as long as they embrace the values of Rugby.

Will my child get games if he is not selected to travel?
Yes. Each Squad is divided into a number of teams. They will play against themselves or other age groups during the season. The Lead Coach will also try to ensure that each player has the opportunity to travel away at least once during the season.   We also welcome many visiting teams during the season.

What are the advantages of a Family Membership?
Financial if you have more than two children playing at the Club and also allows access to International ticket lotteries.

As a Parent am I welcome to Championship/Athletic lunches/ Siam Cup,social events?
Of course, speak to the Club Manager if you would like to book a place or a table. Due to the success of our Championship side lunches at their games are heavily subscribed, but do join us at the Jersey Athletic lunches (They play in the Zoo league, consisting of Championship/League 1 2nd XVs)

Am I welcome in the club house on Sunday mornings?

Is anybody paid to run the rugby Academy?
No, All volunteers

If I am not happy with something whom do I complain to?
The Academy Chairman, Roger Nightingale

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